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Album Cover: Malibu, by LANY

A taste of California, illustration.

Lyft start animation

Album Cover: Happy Now

Artist: Zedd, Elley Duhe

Google Map 2018 April Fools World Tour
Where is Waldo?

Album cover: Red Pill Blues

Artist: Maroon 5

Album Cover Illustration: Astro Bunny

Killing time at Lightspeed, iOS game

Starting scene design.

Maze puzzle game: Kontrast (iOS)

Album cover: Everybody hates me

Artist: Chainsmokers

Introducing Spotify Voice

Album cover: Let it be - Beatles

Album cover: on the loose
Artist: Niall Horan

Pandora music new icon (iOS)

Album cover: Nation of Two
Artist: Vance Joy

Spotify iOS: Equalizer, effect adjustment options

Lark iOS: conversation with the AI health assistant.

Album cover: I love me better.
Artist: Lauv

Pandora iOS: Menu inside “more” button

Youdao Ci iOS: animation

Pandora iOS: playing Tycho’s A Walk

Album cover: Black Coast

Apple AirPods: Pair, Battery life, Phone call screen

Spotify 2017 Wrapped page.

Album cover: Gooey
Artist: Glass animals

Album cover: another perspective
Artist: Idealism

Graphic design: Marvel hero posters

Album Cover: Shape of you.
Artist: Ed Sheeran

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