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Album cover: Original demo

  Uber: tipping for raining days

Line iOS: Login 2FA, forget password 

Album cover: Phone number (Glass Animal)

iOS tutorial for Shazam in control center

Notion (MacOS): Pop-up for user feedback.

Album cover: Escape Timing

Heat waves lyrics in Apple Music (iOS)

Apple music mini player on desktop

Chrome login page

Album cover: I'm good

Dropbox product email

Album illustration: the art of closure 

Pinterest today's tab and card design

Business card: Grab (

Selection menu (iOS)

Game: Green (iOS)

iOS: selection card

PagerDuty (iOS): Empty state, bold visual indicator, considering user's mood. 

Clear (iOS): empty state.

Pinterest iOS: changed the style of buttons

Album cover: Maroon 5 - Memories

iOS Books: animation for page turn

Album cover: blue skies

DayOne: template page.

Lake: color selection, tutorial

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