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Notion (MacOS): Pop-up for user feedback.

Heat waves lyrics in Apple Music (iOS)

Apple music mini player on desktop

Pinterest today's tab and card design

Selection menu (iOS)

Game: Green (iOS)

iOS: selection card

PagerDuty (iOS): Empty state, bold visual indicator, considering user's mood. 

Clear (iOS): empty state.

Pinterest iOS: changed the style of buttons

iOS Books: animation for page turn

DayOne: template page.

Lake: color selection, tutorial

Calm: full screen design

Spotify: Behind lyrics and storyline.

Full screen layout 

Douban iOS: labels

Douban iOS: List of recommended books

NOMO camera: New camera initial state screen

iOS game: knife hit

Robinhood screen when you successfully enable cryptography trading.

Apple Music, player main screen

- Layered layout

- Buttons

Atom starting screen, on Windows

Lyft start animation

Google Map 2018 April Fools World Tour
Where is Waldo?

Killing time at Lightspeed, iOS game

Starting scene design.

Maze puzzle game: Kontrast (iOS)

Introducing Spotify Voice

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